We are Sensitive, Powerful Men

Men who’re connected with a subtle depth within us, while at the same time hungry to live in our power so that our care can really matter. We are the men who cannot shut off our deep sensitivity and care.

We come from all different walks of life, we live and thrive in every corner of the world.

Other men seem to be able to shut off this sensitivity - or not have it at all. Masculinity and ‘being a man’ seems to require that we’re like this too.

Yet we cannot.

Neither can we shut off our yearning to be in the fullness of power, wanting to really make a difference to our world.

Often the two can seem contradictory and at odds with each other. Convention would tell us that we can’t have both.

It’s common for people to tell us what a real man should be, or that we need to ‘toughen up’, not ‘be so nice’ and none of it sits easily with us.

However, you’re not the only one.

You can do both.

Your sensitivity is a path to power, and your power enables you to care and matter even more deeply.

This is a call to the Sensitive, deeply caring, Powerful Men.

A call from one just like you.

You have a unique gift, and it’s a powerful gift.

That sensitivity gives you a depth of insight, awareness and wisdom that matters.

You feel.

 You want to go from this:

Ungrounded Man

To this:

Grounded Man

As when we learn to be grounded in and navigate our feelings (as distinct from emotions) we have a remarkable capability that sets us apart.

Grounded, sensitive, powerful.

And I’m not talking here of power over.

I’m talking power with. The power to lift up, to illuminate, the power to be an active, effective agent in our deep care for those around us.

It’s not an easy path. It takes dedication.

It takes a particular type of man to really grow.

At 48 years old I feel like I’m just now fully ‘getting it’. I’ve had to grow a lot.

And real growth takes hard work.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s disorienting. It’s often exhausting to shift deeply ingrained patterns, thinking I’m getting somewhere yet running the same game again and again.

Yet get somewhere I have.

A place where my sensitivity and power is flourishing, and I’m able to utilise that power to really matter.

Matter to my family by creating a life and livelihood that’s inspiring and nourishing.

And matter to other sensitive, powerful men so that I have a tribe of men who get it. Get me. Get each other. Even though we’re all so different.

Matter by creating world class training and education that helps these men be grounded in the depth of their sensitivity and care so it can flourish.

Men courageous in their power and shinning in the world so that they can really make a difference too.

So that you can make the difference you want to make.

Are you willing to be out of your comfort zone? As a regular thing? A hunter of your inner world?

One of the sensitive men yearning to live their power?

If this calls to you, then take a look around.

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Jared Osborne

Sensitive, Powerful, masculinity hacker.

Love being the Man you are.