55 Reasons to Be A Modern-Day Gentleman

I was recently asked by Khoi Nguyen on why it's important - and desirable - to be a modern day gentleman.

In fact, he asked 54 other experts who work with men.

He took a nugget of wisdom from each of us.  It's an interesting list of reflections. Some of it I love. Some of it doesn't excite me.

It's thought provoking though, it's an interesting angle. Here's my quote:

Real personal power comes when a man is able to be true to that which is gentle within – to be respectful, caring, insightful within and without.

Action comes from stillness. Yang from Yin. There is an authority in a man who is able to be a gentleman. This man can strike with a potency not available to a man not gentle.

In taking the word 'gentle man' literally, an insight from QiGong really struck me. In QiGong, rest is essential to activity, softness to hardness, weakness to strength.

In other words, my take is that a true gentleman fully owns his gentleness. He's able to rest, within himself and with others. He doesn't need to always 'be a man'.

And in that he's able to be so much more a man as he's then deep in the core of his lead energy.

The full article with all 55 experts is here if you want to check it out. 

Do you think the modern gentleman is rare these days?

And what is that modern gentleman to you?

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