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I am a Man

By Jared Osborne | Manhood

How does this statement touch you? How do you respond to it? If you’re a guy, how does it feel to say it yourself? For much of my life, it would have triggered a lot my insecurities and judgements For me, it’s a mindset I was only embodied when I was 39. So what on […]

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Why Guilt doesn’t work

By Jared Osborne | Training

Guilt is a poor motivator for getting things done*.  It’s a particularly poor motivator for establishing regular habits**. Why is it ineffective? Guilt is ineffective because only a very small part of the human body understands grammar. The part that does is the left lobe of the brain. So this part of our body understands […]

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Foundations Brief intro: Breath

By Jared Osborne | Training

This is a brief 8 minute intro to Golden Warrior QiGong that explores the power of breathing. There's a few minutes of talking, and then a simple experiential practice in deepening and aligning the breath. Simple but powerful - quite a few men who do the course say this is one of the most valuable […]

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