How to get - and keep - your man pants on

Man Pants

Another 4 way chat with my Men's Mastermind - comprising 4 of Australia's top men's coaches. Man Pants is our metaphor for getting into our "Man role" Here's the transcript of my share: For me, getting my Man Pants on was it was a real defining moment. And it came out of a relationship. It wasn't a…

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Men: Foreplay is for you

Foreplay is for him

Foreplay is so often talked about for men as something we need to do to get her in the mood, to have her interested, to get her ready, open, etc.. It is all that, but it misses the most important aspect of it. It’s talked about like we have to do foreplay so we can…

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Is Plan B killing your relationship?

Man in relationship half out the door

So what do I mean by plan a relationship Plan B? It’s keeping an escape hatch open in your relationship, essentially it’s the feeling of “if this doesn’t work out I can always leave/hook up with X/get someone else/etc…” So what’s wrong with that? Surely it just makes sense? The problem is having this feeling…

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Essential QiGong wisdom for the Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox Scarecrow

Today is the March, or for us Australians, Autumn Equinox. What this means is that the celestial seasons turn again. (The ideas in this piece apply to each day too, the daily ‘autumn equinox’ being around 6pm). We are at the balance point between the shortest and longest, between night and day, darkest and lightest,…

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The "what reward do I get game"

Getting the gold out of your crap

Here’s a fun game to play. It’s called the ‘what reward do I get’ game. It’s a personal favourite of mine, a great process I use to own my shit. I’ve messed with so many of my unconscious patterns - and their payoffs - by doing this. First: Select a target Pick something you dislike…

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4 men's coaches give their top romance tips for men

Top romance tips for Men

We're at it again, this time giving our top romance tips for men. 4 Men's Coaches Talk Valentines Day from Alex White - TheManLab on Vimeo.      

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How to love yourself (interview)

How to love yourself

I was interviewed by Myke Macapinlac recently for his Social Confidence Mastery podcast - it was a cracker. This is what we covered: * Why the relationship you have with yourself is so important. * How self-awareness makes you more attractive to women. * How to feel good about who you are. * A simple…

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4 top men's coaches give their key secret to awesome relationships

4 men talk

These are the men I talk to every 2 weeks that keep me accountable, supported and inspired. We thought we'd share the goodness. This isn't conceptual, each of us share the most important thing we do to keep our relationships awesome. Man Talk - 4 Men, 1 Topic, 15 minutes from Alex White - TheManLab…

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CD Release: Manage your stress and be fertile

meditation for men trying to conceive

Conception difficulties and how they affect men is all too often not addressed - yet it’s one of the most stressful things a relationship can face. Stress inhibits production of the hormones a man’s body needs to produce sperm - and so often makes difficult times in a relationship - like conception challenges - that…

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55 Reasons to Be A Modern-Day Gentleman

55 Reasons to Be A Modern-Day Gentleman

I was recently asked by Khoi Nguyen on why it's important - and desirable - to be a modern day gentleman. In fact, he asked 54 other experts who work with men. He took a nugget of wisdom from each of us.  It's an interesting list of reflections. Some of it I love. Some of it doesn't…

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