Interview on Forge Your Life podcast

By Jared Osborne | Interviews

I was recently interviewed by Richard Phu from 'Ultimate Man'. He has a podcast called 'Forge Your Life.' We spoke about Embodied Living, including How I started with my Journey What my coaching is all about How I help men to have the courage and capacity to face their depths How to begin to live the authentic truth of who […]

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What is QiGong?

By Jared Osborne | QiGong

So what is QiGong? Check out this 2:36 min video for the full experience transmission. And the transcript edited for clarity: QiGong is an ancient embodiment art from China. And after doing 20 years of practicing it, I’ve realised, at the heart of it, it's about making more room for consciousness in my body. Think […]

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Jared Osborne on Luke Warm Sex

By Jared Osborne | Training

Last year I was asked to be part of a documentary on masculinity and sex. The idea was to have a comedian, Luke McGregor - a seemingly very unlikely choice - seeing various experts about getting more in touch with his masculinity and getting better at sex and relationships. What Luke and the producers wanted […]

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