Good food is an investment

Fresh veggies for men

Healthy food is an investment, not a cost.

Eating healthy food is a key ingredient in your life if you want to maximise your health, relationships and life satisfaction.

And it’s a key factor in embodiment. A key factor in informing your relationship with yourself.

And it plays a key role in how you show up as a man: in the bedroom, at your chosen work, in your relationships.

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I am a Man

How does this statement touch you? How do you respond to it? If you’re a guy, how does it feel to say it yourself?

For much of my life, it would have triggered a lot my insecurities and judgements

For me, it’s a mindset I was only embodied when I was 39. So what on earth was I between puberty and 39?

I was a man who didn’t feel entitled to call himself a man.

And at no point during that time did I say it - and if I did, I doubt I would’ve fully believed myself.

The problem with manhood is that there simply isn’t a clearly defined goal post. It’s something we have to keep proving and there are no clear guidelines about what we have to prove and how to prove it. We’re basically cast adrift to work it out on our own once puberty is done with us.

How much money do I need to earn before I’m a man? How many children? How present? How strong? How tough? How successful.

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Why Guilt doesn’t work

Guilt is a poor motivator for getting things done*.  It’s a particularly poor motivator for establishing regular habits**. Why is it ineffective? Guilt is ineffective ...

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