Relationship Coaching

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. 

Love, work, family, intimacy, fatherhood, self...

For over 10 years I've specialised in helping men who feel deeply, the 'nice guys', to create incredible, enriching relationships. 

Relationships that facilitate incredible intimacy, depth and wealth. 

So often men struggle through their relationships, fatherhood, masculinity and sex by themselves - we get coaches and mentors for career, sports, hobbies... and yet leave the stuff that's closest to home out.

​Yet it's this personal realm that effects your performance in every other part of your life.

​Don't believe me? How different would your day be if:

  • You wake up to a partner who you've got an amazing relationship with, who's deeply supportive and you have a powerful shared vision of what you're creating together


  • You wake up to a partner who've you've got a whole bunch of unresolved emotions and issues with, who you feel you have to constantly keep compromising who you really are to keep happy...

​​It's the same with the other personal areas of your life. It changes everything when you feel amazing about who you are and how your inner world is unfolding.

​Your beliefs about yourself, your imprints from childhood, your stuck emotions from past relationships can all be transformed to serve you rather than holding you back.

It's the same with any other area of your life. When you love the relationships you're having, you will flourish. 

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