Water - a Man's Drink

If water isn’t on your radar - it should be.

When men come to see me about sexual performance, relationship and energy level issues one of the first things I ask them these days is how much water they’re drinking.

Usually it’s no where near enough.

It should be the first thing you look at if you’re turning your mind to self development.

In terms of getting your body, health and emotions on track, if you’re not drinking enough water you can spend a lot of time and money pissing against the wall and getting nowhere.

Get enough water in and it’s possible to get real value from what ever you’re doing.

Water makes everything tick, from our brains to our organs to our sexual vitality to the strength of our erections. Water helps with everything in our bodies. I’ve even noticed it’s easier to hold my sexual fluids when I well hydrated (I have no evidence base for that apart from personal observation)

There’s no strict scientific dose of water to have - the closest we have is ‘if you’re thirsty then drink’.

However many people have blocked out their low level thirst urge due to long term dehydration.

A good observation rule is: if your urine is anything darker than a very light yellow (and you’ve not taken B vitamin supplements) then you’re dehydrated.

In terms of amount of water, there’s a cool little formula that I used to get my hydration back on track.

Take your weight in kg, divide by 30 and that number is the litres you should be drinking.
e.g., my weight is 87, so I get just under 3 litres of water a day.

Give it a go for just one week and see if it makes a difference.

Getting hydrated totally changed my world. Within days I had more energy, my mind was clearer and my motivation was up. After a few weeks my skin was better, my digestion had improved and I was sleeping better. All from drinking enough water.

Has water changed your life?