Embodying Woman

Hey! Great to see you here.

As you probably know, I mostly work with Men. However I do occasionally work with women - it's a great way to help more men from 'the other side'.

And I know a lot about men and how they tick, and some of that is invaluable - like mind blowing valuable - to women.

So here's some ways you can get access to my work:

Awakening Men

This is a program for Women about Men and the masculine.

I co-facilitate and create this with women.

You get to clear out old shitty beliefs around men, see men on a profoundly deep level, understand why we are like we are, and fall in love with men AND your own inner masculine.

Check out more here at the Awakening Connections page.

Embodying Woman Qigong

This happens only very occasionally, but I do teach women the foundational grounding Qigong now and then.

The next one is scheduled for Term 1 2020 in Melbourne. I'm yet to get the registration info up, so contact me here to let me know if you want in.


If I have space in my calendar, I do one off negative self belief clearing sessions with women. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m inadequate” or “I’ll never get what I want”.

Guaranteed one gone in one session, quite likely more. Done over video conferencing.

If you're interested, head over here to book.

What else?

So aside from the coaching, access is limited unless you live in Australia. I often get women asking me if I can recommend a Qigong for women that has is similar to what I do.

Honestly there's not an equivalent.

However one of the best women's Qigong teachers and practices I can recommend is Radiant Lotus Qigong with Daisy Lee. Take a look at that here.