Circling Workshops

Do you long for people just to 'Get You'? See and feel exactly where you're at?

How would it feel to be sitting with a small group of people - and you feel like they all understand you, they're all curious about you and no one's trying to fix you?

You feel like it's 100% OK to be you.

So many workshops, processes and therapies are trying to 'fix you', give you advice and things you should do to be a better person.

Circling is different.

In Circling we simply want to 'get' each other.

The wisdom at the core of this remarkable process is that when you feel fully met and heard, you simply transform of your own accord - without anyone trying to do anything except be curious about you.

You just feel heard, listened to, held and like you're exactly where you need to be.

Gentle, Rapid Transformation

In nearly every case, when a person feels this, suddenly something opens up, the thing they were stuck on shifts, and the person transforms.

It sounds gentle and it is - but it's also the fastest and most effective therapy I've every experienced - my teacher called it 'therapy on speed'.

I tried therapy a few times and found it to be too intellectual, too much advise giving or processes I didn't know the point of. I avoided it for years.

When I first went to Circling I was skeptical - within the first 5 minutes of the process I was blown away.

Everyone quickly dropped into the remarkable state of groundedness and curiosity - the person being circled didn't have to do anything - in fact they just sat there for a few minutes.

When they started to speak about what was going on for them and we asked questions about how they felt, what was going in their body and how their experiences touched them - the most amazing sense of trust and presence developed.

We all took a turn and each of us was transformed.

Transform your Communication & Presence

Over a short space of time the Circling transformed how I related to myself, my lover, my clients - and helped me cultivate a deep sense of presence and connection with those I meet.

This is a unique opportunity that hasn't been offered in Melbourne (or Australia as far as I know) for over a year now.

All you do is sit in a room of people and be curious about each other, one at a time.

And just a note that this is not 'group therapy'. One person is the focus for the allotted time, which is usually 20-30 minutes.

I'd love to share this remarkable practice with you.

I'll be leading it and explaining it - and integrating some QiGong into help keep us grounded in our bodies - but everyone is a participant.


Numbers are limited to just 8 people total - and I'll always be offering places to those who've previously attended first. So if you want to be on board - get on board!

The next session will be held on:

  • Date: Saturday 17th January
  • Time: 1-6pm
  • Venue: Carlton
  • Investment: $80

    I look forward to being in Circle with you!

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If for any reason the form doesn't work or you have more questions or need to enquire about payment options, put your details below and I'll get in touch with you.

Cancellation & Refund policy

I'm assuming you've made a solid commitment to do this course when you sign up (if not, feel free to get in touch with me!). But sometimes life gets in the way and we need to change priorities. This is for you.

  1. The Deposit amount is non-refundable
  2. Cancelling 7 days or less before a workshop forfeits half the course fees*
  3.  There are no refunds available for a change of mind or circumstance once a workshop series has started

* You can get this down to the deposit amount if you have a friend willing to take your place and willing to pay full fees upfront.

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