You can learn to be grounded, present and
the master of your sexual energy

Without spending years in dedicated training
or wading though complex manuals

Do you want to:

  • Stay grounded no matter what life throws at you?
  • Be naturally present without it feeling like a big effort?
  • Clear the noise in your mind in an instant?
  • Know how to naturally build your vitality?
  • Be the master of your sexual attention?
  • Feel in alignment with the deepest parts of yourself?
  • Connect with your partner from this place?
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This 8 week QiGong and personal development course has changed the lives and relationships of hundreds of men.

I'd love to share this work with you.

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I want more from life...

For 20 years I just couldn't seem to get the kind of connection, trust and intimacy I really wanted.

So I learnt lots of techniques and practices from workshops and books - techniques that made me a better lover but still didn’t give me the kind of connection I really wanted.

All the things I was 'meant to do' just keep taking me up into my head and making it all hard work.

A Simple Solution

It turns out there's a simple solution.

A simple way to effortless presence. A deeply alive sense of vitality. Feeling Powerful. Whole.

In 2008, one of the most intense years of my life, this is exactly what I discovered.

A simple and powerful set of awareness techniques and mindset shifts based in the ancient Chinese art of QiGong and Transformational Psychotherapy.

You see, it’s not about connecting to her. It’s about connecting with yourself, being exactly who you are and coming from that space with her. 

It's what she yearns for. 

When you can be grounded with exactly who you are - the connection and intimacy with her will go to a whole other level.

This completely upgraded my relationship and sex life. I finally met the amazing woman I’m creating a family and will spend the rest of my life with.

I wish someone had shown me this stuff in my 20s - it would have saved me a whole bunch of pain.

    • How often do you feel like you’re missing each other?
    • Not having the kind of experience you want to have?
    • Your relationship negatively impacting your work and play?

A practice that's easy to learn & apply - and deep

It took me 20 years to work out how to be in my body and to be present.

You can do it in 8 weeks.

Each class has one key principle - and it can be easily and simply integrated into your everyday life.

You don’t even have to do the QiGong practice everyday to get massive life changing results (but it does help).

And you get thorough notes and audio visual materials after every class so even if you miss one, you don’t miss out (I know how busy we can all get).

Hundred’s of other men have learnt these practices and live it every day.

You can too.

Effortless Connection

How would it feel if you were able to stay grounded, present and connected with yourself no matter where you were or what you were doing.

And especially when you’re with her.

If you were able to just be with the rich experience of being with your woman without being in your head or worrying about your connection.

Just being connected.

What difference would this make to your life?

How deeply would you live if your sexual energy was fully on your side, you felt a deep aliveness humming away in the center of your pelvis you could draw on whenever you needed it?

There’s nothing else like this out there

I’ve read and tried all sorts of things.

Nothing is this simple and direct.

There are a lot of books on masculinity, sexual QiGong and Tantra that share techniques - but most of them don’t teach the most important thing.

The thing that makes the most difference to any technique.

Being able to ground, get out of your head, anchor your vitality in your center and simply be present.

And so many books and articles talk about how important it is for men to be present - but there’s very little on how to actually do it.

Hundreds of men have been through this system and not one has asked for his money back.

It works. It’s powerful.

It changes lives.

What you'll learn

You’ll have the tools to create the kind of aliveness and vitality you want within yourself.
And experience the intimacy and connection you want with your partner.
You’ll learn:

  • How to be effortlessly present
  • How to use your body to tame your mind
  • How to ground in an instant
  • How to be the master of your sexual attention
  • How to build your sexual energy
  • How to channel your sexual energy so that you feel alive and powerful
  • How to apply all of this to your sex life & relationship

What are other men saying?

This course has changed my life forever. I have been on a deep spiritual path for a few years now and this foundations course opened me up to so much more of myself, I now have access to parts of myself I never even knew existed.

Steven Todd

Amazing course which I have just completed! Guys if your in Melbourne get on board, the most transformative and fulfilling practice I have done!

Oz Alima

Any man that wants to feel empowered, grounded, loved and truly magnificent would be well advised to partake in your course.

Mark Joseph

This practice has changed my life. I feel as deeply present and embodied now as I did mid-vipassana, and I’m in a secular environment (train carriage)!

James O'Brien

I have learnt and grounded a profound sense of what it truly means to connect deeply with my manhood and in turn my true essence or Self.  This work is accessible, sophisticated, revealing, authentic, fun, bonding, invigorating, supportive and most of all “real”.

Heath Myers
Agent of Change

This is an extraordinary opportunity for men to receive the brother hood and develop valuable tools that can fuel their passions, visions and drive in life by infusing the moment with a greater celebration of life force .

Asher Glass

What you get

  • An 8 week (one night/week) training class with 14 other supportive men
  • Detailed notes after every class
  • Simple clear awareness or mind-set practices every week to build into your day
  • Practices every week to take into your relationship - and the bedroom
  • One practice video each week for the first 6 weeks so you can just get straight into the practices without worrying about remembering it
  • A 10 minute audio meditation that reinforces and builds the key awareness practices each week
  • A manual that covers all the practices and principles taught in the course
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group
  • A new understanding of how your body works - and how to make it work for you

When and Where?

  • When: Monday (7:45pm) or Wednesday (6pm)
  • From: 2nd or 4th of February
  • Place: Carlton, Melbourne (Location sent on registration)
  • Yes you can swap the occasional class

Priceless Training

It took me 20 years of courses, books, pain, teachers and training (not mention upwards of $40,000) to work out what I’m offering you in just 8 weeks.

It’s the cream of what I’ve learnt and discovered on not just being a better lover - but on being the man I truly am.

The best man I can be.

How much does it cost you to be lost in your head, ungrounded, not present? Especially when you’re with your partner.

It’s a simple step by step process that will save you massive amounts of time and effort - as well as give you gifts you’ll be putting into practice for the rest of your life.

What's the value of something that can give you the kind of connection you want?


  • You get a massive 33% discount on doing any one-on-one work with me.
  • That’s a saving of $250 on the Relationship Blueprint program
  • A saving of $100 on a one-on-one personal transformation session
  • I’ll also give you a copy of the ‘Do this before you do any Personal Development’ worksheet.
  • You get access to advanced training only available to men who’ve done this course.

You get all this for just $395 $330

I've decided to slash the price of this program to just $330 for the next few days.

I love fulling my classes early. And yes, payment plans are available.

That's the price of a dinner for two each week - and believe me when I say your partner will get so much value she’ll want you to head out to class.

(Seriously, guys regularly have their partners asking when the next term starts or moving heaven and earth to get them to the next session)

You can spend nearly this much on a normal yoga class series - that doesn’t give you detailed specific information on how to fully utilise your vitality or the massive amount of support material I give you.

The doors open for this course only 4 times per year.

I only take 15 students in each class. They regularly sell out.

What’s the cost to you emotionally, sexually, even financially of even another 3 months of not connecting in the way you really want with yourself or your partner? Or your family?

It works or your money back

If you apply the principles and do the practices 5 out of 7 days a week for 4 weeks and don’t experience any difference - I’ll give you a free one hour one-on-one session to explore with you what’s going on. And if you still don't think you've gotten awesome value I’ll give you your money back in full.

I do my guarantee this way because I want you to get great results, and am committed to helping you get them.

This is an investment in yourself you’ll remember for the rest of you life.

To get on board, click the button below, put in your details, choose your class and put your payment through.

I can’t wait to see how this course changes your life.

With Respect,


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P.S. I’d hate you to miss out on this. Jump on board now before the class fills up. Another 3 months of things being exactly the same as they are now - while knowing other men are getting this training - would be a killer.

P.S.S. This is one investment in yourself you’ll never regret. You’ll get the cream of 20 years of research, experience and training. You’ll get comprehensive support materials and a small group environment. You’ll change how you think, feel and move. And you’ll learn the tools to be the kind of lover and man you want to be.


  1. This seems like a lot for a QiGong class...
    You’ll get so much more for this than you’ll get from any ‘normal’ QiGong class - materials (most teachers charge $20-$50 extra for these), a detailed understanding of how your sexual energy functions and how to work with it and ways of being in life that you'll do for the rest of your life - not to mention changes in your intimate life that will transform your relationship
  2. What if I can’t make it to some classes?
    You get comprehensive notes after every class, as well as video and audio of the practices and refinements that were covered. And you can swap the occasional class if you can't make the one you've signed up for. You won’t miss out. And I’ll personally answer any questions about the material you have (this rarely happens as the notes are so good)
  3. Is there a women’s version?
    Yes there is, you can check out the next course here.
  4. Do you have a payment plan?
    Yes. Just put down the deposit amount and we’ll work out the remainder on a schedule that suits you.
  5. Do I need any previous experience in QiGong?
    No, none at all.
  6. I’ve done some QiGong before, should I do a more advanced class?
    No, this is Foundations, not Basic. There are specific techniques and principles we cover in this class that aren’t in any other system that I know of. It goes deep. If you think you might know everything in this already or are worried it’ll be too basic for you please feel free to get in touch and we can talk.
  7. I'm gay or bisexual, will this work for me?
    Yes. I've had quite a few men do this course who are gay or bisexual and they've found that what they learn has application no matter who they're in relationship with this - this is fundamentally about who you are within yourself. That said, my primary experience is with women, so I share from this place. But 98% of the content is sexual orientation neutral.

Got all the way down here?

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