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The Forge
Takes Foundations graduates on a remarkable
journey of inner discovery to forge together body and awareness.
A powerful process going deep into your own body to master cultivating & building your awareness, Qi and sexual vitality.
Ultimately learning your own unique QiGong
directly from your being.

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Only $320 for this life changing course.

Monday or Wednesday nights
Carlton, Victoria

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The Forge

The Forge is both a whole year long course, and four distinct modules. Each module works with the seasonal energies.

Each seasonal course you'll learn to work with and integrate the energy of the Sun and season.

For each program you do of The Forge, you’ll learn a new internal alchemy component that will build into a powerful QiGong practice unique to you.

In Foundations it was testicle breathing. All the alchemical practices work with harnessing and utilising this powerful refined energy.

You can jump into The Forge at the start of any term.

You’ll get a powerful set of tools to open and work with the organs, the tissues, the glands and the meridians.

It’s not about learning ‘forms’ (although some powerful forms will be taught), it’s about learning to directly access the depth of your body – and awakening the full natural intelligence and wisdom that is waiting for you there.

Awakening a whole new depth of Vitality, Power and Presence through being your experience.

We'll be applying what we learn to relationships, sex and your relationship with self. The work will continue on from Foundations in transforming how you are in your life.

Wood - Harness the Life Qi

The wood energy is the uprising energy that is birthed at the winter solstice and from which spring blooms.

It’s characterised as the energy of the great green dragon – wild, compassionate, relentless, quick to anger, quick to give.

It has potent wisdom for us in learning about arousal, beginnings, creation, birth, blooming…. it’s all about growth.

And mastering it allows us to master Anger and Frustration. The liver also influences our erection strength and our ability to feel deeply with our sexual organ.

To understand this principle we’ll be going in depth into our organs and tendons. Learning a remarkable internal balancing art that's a must for any long term seminal retention.

What you get with the course:

  • A clear step by step training process
  • A powerful QiGong form to embody what you learn
  • A small focussed training group of men (max 16 participants)
  • Notes after every class covering the key concepts
  • Weekly training materials, including video practices and audio meditations
  • A manual covering key concepts
  • Energetic transmissions from a powerful teacher

And it's only $320 for this life changing course.

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