The Forge a deep exploration into cultivating the fullness of our Vitality, or Qi.
You'll be challenged and supported to step deeper and deeper into your center.
To anchor real, lasting transformative change in yourself.

We are being forged our entire lives by the cycles of Nature - we can work consciously with them to take our
personal journey forward in leaps and bounds.
The Forge trains you in practices and wisdom to work with these natural processes so that you have the tools to
cultivate lifelong Vitality, Power and Presence.

The Forge - Metal

Your Limits are your Power

The QiGong of Unstoppable Wisdom

Two key concepts underlie this course:

Your limits are your Power

The wise cultivate vitality and energy when they have it, not when they don’t.

To create deep and lasting vitality you need to know when to stop and to harvest. To stop before you're overextended and to carefully select what you take with you into the next cycle - the future.

This is the wisdom of the Metal phase.

It's the most demanding of the phases as it requires courage and will to utilise it's power effectively - it's so tempting to get swept up in the expansion and passion of Fire.

The Metal phase will come, you either choose it and cultivate unstoppable wisdom, or you don't choose it and you'll get cut down - with old age and exhaustion your friends.

To master it you need to

  • Stop holding onto what no longer serves you
  • Transform grief, sadness and regret into acceptance
  • Be willing to let the world in - deeply
  • Know and choose your limitations

The QiGong you’ll learn will strengthen your defensive Qi, protect your vitality and align you with the Metal principle. It will include practices to:

  • Nurture your skin and lungs
  • Harmonise the glands in your body
  • Anchor and align the celestial Qi
  • Master your sexual yearning
  • Embed the wisdom of the sages in your being: stopping before you’re spent

As always, you'll get weekly notes after every class which will include video and audio practices.

The Vitality Forge - Metal Logo

The metal phase is the decent, the inward, downward drawing, Heaven returning to Earth

It’s the sharpening of the blade, shaving off all that’s no longer of service.

It’s the harvest, taking stock of what you’ve reaped and an opportunity to cultivate what you want more of.

Metal is yielding to the cycle of nature, stopping before you’re spent, conserving, cultivating so that you have something to bring to your next growth phase.

It's the true wisdom of the Sages and it takes the courage of the Tiger to grasp it fully. 

 Classes for Term 1 2015 run for 8 weeks:

Mondays from 2nd February, 6-7:30

Wednesdays from 4th February, 7:45-9:15

The Forge is an engine room for deep personal growth. Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?