Everything is Foreplay

If you think foreplay starts when either of you feel horny, then you’ve totally missed the boat.

Seriously. There’s not one moment of your relationship that isn’t foreplay.

Foreplay started the moment you first encountered your partner. Even if you didn’t know she was going to be your lover.

In fact foreplay started before you met her.

It wasn’t what you did. It was just how you were being.

Foreplay is an art of living

Foreplay isn’t so much something you do. It’s a way of being with someone. It’s not even really a way of getting each other into bed.

It’s the art of enjoying each other and bringing deepening connection.

And it started from your first encounter.

Even sex is foreplay.

You’re still engaged in foreplay when you’re deep inside her - yes you’re having sex, a time when many men would say foreplay is over and the ‘real stuff’ is on.

Holding hands foreplayBut how you’re doing it, how you’re being when you’re inside her has everything to do with the connection, and even the length of time till, it happens again.

Foreplay is to intimate sex like oxygen is to human life. It surrounds it and permeates it, and is essential for it to live. And there’s not a moment it’s not essential. But it’s not sex. It’s the fuel that feeds it.

Every moment is foreplay

Understand this, see every moment as foreplay, and you can transform your relationship.

Even when you’re not with her, you’re still doing foreplay. What you create, how you are with yourself, how authentic you’re being, what you’re doing, how much you allow yourself to smile, if you’re distracted or focussed, productive or wasting time - all come hope to roost.

They all impact the next time you see her, they are all in your next touch. Your whole life and everything you do, whether she knows what you’re doing or not, impacts the connection between the two of you. It impacts your love making.

It’s all foreplay

If foreplay is the art of deepening your connection, then how are you doing this around the home? How are you demanding it of her? How deeply are you working to create the connection between the two of you?

The connection that flourishes into not just sex, but love making?

Give it a go.

If your whole life is foreplay, what would you do differently?