I gave up gluten and got my brain back

Gluten Free[This is a journal entry from last year, trying to write this retrospectively just didn't feel as fun. My comments as of writing this are all in square brackets like this.]

Wow, I’ve just changed my life. Again.

The Brain Fog

Something just hasn’t been right lately. For quite a while actually. My brain has felt foggy and I’ve been finding it really hard to concentrate. I’ve been feeling sluggish and bored, almost depressed, when I sit down to work.

I’ve been trying all sorts of different motivational, QiGong and emotional tools to attempt to sort it out, but nothing had seemed to really nail it. Somethings helped a little, or pushed me through for a day or two, but that struggle with my own inertia was still there.

The tools I was using were just helping me to push through my fog. But the fog was still there.
So I’ve been looking into diet the last week or so.

Gluten is pretty much poison...

And a couple of days ago I stumbled across some information about gluten on the bulletproof executive podcast.

The podcast talks about gluten being a bad food for humans, pretty much full stop. That it causes inflammation in the gut and the brain, and is one of the main causes of brain fog.

That’s it’s a lot like morphine, in that your body breaks it down into a substance that activates the same receptors as morphine (and heroin) and is thus highly addictive.

[If you want to know more about gluten than you though possible, the podcast is worth a listen.]

‘Wow, brain fog,’ I thought as I listened to it, ‘that’s me!’.

'But I’m not allergic to it', I thought, but it seems allergy is the extreme reaction, but it causes physical distress in pretty much everyone.

I’ve been a bit off and on with wheat before, but I thought about it and realised that I’d been eating bread every day, and often a couple of times a day, for the last year or so. And I’d been thinking it was OK as I’d been eating spelt products, not hard ‘normal’ wheat.

Action and results

So I thought I’d try an experiment and stop eating it. I cut out all gluten.

Within two days I felt like I was getting my brain back.

I had some gluten about 4 days in and immediately felt like crap. The next day I felt that heavy foggy feeling again.

Now, just a week later, my brain is feeling clearer than it has in ages and I’m able to focus a lot more easily than I’ve been able to in a long time.

It’s amazing. I just don’t want to eat gluten ever again.

It’s made such an massive difference to how I’m feeling and my ability to create the kind of life I want. I feel like I’ve just taken a leap to whole new level.

It will be interesting to see what changes take place over the next few weeks!

[I’ve now gone a lot further with the Bulletproof Diet. It’s awesome. I experimented with a couple of things over the next few weeks after I wrote this, simple changes that made a massive difference to how I was feeling - and have made a big difference to my relationship even.

I’ll brush up some more of my journal entries over the next couple of weeks to tell you about them, but if you’re interested in jumping in and taking your performance to a whole new level, get the Bulletproof Diet book here on Amazon:

It’s a game changer.

Of course I can't guarantee you'll get the same result as me from taking gluten out. I'm pretty keyed into what's going on in my body due to years of QiGong. But if you're experiencing brain fog and a sense of lethargy, try it for a week. You've got nothing to loose.

Oh, and don't just replace it with gluten free products unless they have a very simple ingredient list. Most gluten free products have a whole bunch of crap in them which mess with the experiment.]