Good food is an investment

Fresh veggies for men

Healthy food is an investment, not a cost.

Eating healthy food is a key ingredient in your life if you want to maximise your health, relationships and life satisfaction.

And it’s a key factor in embodiment. A key factor in informing your relationship with yourself.

And it plays a key role in how you show up as a man: in the bedroom, at your chosen work, in your relationships.

Good food is something every man should and needs to take seriously. There are heaps of diets people recommend, but I’m not going to do that - I want to take one step further back.

No matter what your diet, it's the quality of the food that's the key.

So many men want to eat better than they do, but don’t for all sorts of reasons.

I mean by this food that’s fresh, that has vitality to it and that makes your body feel good after eating it.

e.g. I choose fresh organic food whenever it's a reasonable alternative.

What if eating well was an investment in yourself? What if for every good healthy meal you have you got $100 in the bank? And for every crappy meal you got $1 in the bank?

What would your choices be?

For our bodies, it’s exactly this clear.

Eating good food means our body is healthier, able to repair easier, less likely to be stressed and therefor easier for us to be in. Too much crap food is going to leave your body feeling like shit and ageing you quicker. It can effect your sex life and vitality, especially over the long term. 

Intentionally eating healthy food sends a subtle message right to the core of your self value: I matter.

I matter enough to give myself the best nutrition I can right now.

Each time you eat, it’s a reflection of your self value. Every time you eat you're validating your desire to live. But how valuable are you telling yourself that living is?

The more you eat healthy food, the more you invest in your body, your health and your relationship to yourself.

If you’re seeing eating healthy food (or even food at all) as a cost, then you’re missing a massive leverage to get the most our of yourself.

Eating good food is an investment, not a cost.

Get this mindset lodged in, and being healthy becomes so much easier.

I’ll be posting up some specific recommendation about food to enhance vitality over the next few weeks, so follow the blog and/or sign up for the newsletter!