Harness the power of Winter

Turtle: the guardian of WinterWinter is an important time of the year for conserving Qi (or life force).

QiGong isn't just about doing a form, it's about consciously working with your life force in your day to day life. So here's a few ideas on how to easily work with the winter energy to increase your energy, potency and full health.

For men, it's particularly important to pay attention to the flow of the Suns cycles to gather and develop inner power; and winter is a really important time of the year to regenerate and renew the vitality or sexual essence - you need to collect to be able expend.

Winter is an ideal time for nurturing yourself, sleeping more, regenerating your masculine potency and allowing your passions to gestate.

One of the key questions I ask myself this time of year is: What stops me from truly resting?


Winter is a great time to take it slow, gently and sensuous (when isn't really, but particularly now!). Focus more on sensuality and less on penetration and orgasm. Ejaculating less during winter is a fantastic thing to do for your health.

Cuddle lots and conserve your sexual vitality for the wonderful flowering of spring that's just around the corner. Like a seed in the earth, hold back and gather and await the moment.


Avoid cold foods. Your body is expending a lot of energy keeping itself warm, when cold foods go in, you have to expend energy warming them up - and they can unsettle the Qi in the body until the food is warm.

Eat more well cooked foods, especially soups and stocks. Soups and stocks cooked for at least a couple of hours give time for the Qi of the food to refine and combine - thus making it very easy for your body to absorb the Qi.


Keep warm! Especially keep the kidneys (lower back) warm and protected.

Keep the body moving and stretching! Some QiGong can work wonders at this time of year.

And rest. Get more sleep, stop pushing and take time to consider what you really need to pay attention to.


Rest inside, allow your passions to gestate, pay attention to what's close by: especially family and loved one's. This is a powerful time to create and nurture your ideas, allowing them to gather power ready to burst forth into spring growth.


Meditate on the Lower Dan Tien (in the middle of the belly) and allow yourself to collect and conserve your life force. Bring your mind deep inside the body, just like your blood vessels are doing.


If you have anything you love to do to nurture yourself during winter, please comment below!