Humans are Messy

Humans are messy. So many problems seem to arise from expecting ourselves and others not to be messy.

I’ve been on a big journey lately of embracing my messiness, and it’s been intense, a bit wild, and deeply healing.

First though, what do I mean by messy?

I mean we’re a mass of contradictory urges, beliefs, thoughts, emotions all working together as a single whole. Often working at cross purposes as much as working together.

We have intentions and belief patterns in conflict.

We have simultaneous conflicting or just simply different emotions - that change all the time.

We’re rational and irrational, logical and illogical. Often all at once.

The pleasures and distractions of our mind work so often work in opposition to the desires of the spirit and will.

You get the idea.

And yet we do work as a whole. We get create and do remarkable things.

As I said, the problem is so often that we expect ourselves not to be like this and judge ourselves for being a totally normal messy human.

In the spirit of all the contradictions, when we embrace the mess and chaos in ourselves… a profound beauty can be seen.

We actually make complete sense and are each of us are a perfect unblemished whole… if only we could see our full multi-dimensional self.

The perfect multi-dimensional self that looks, feels and even IS messy when viewed from 3D physical reality.

Perhaps instead this mess is the whisperings from the depth of our soul and body and mind speaking a profound truth our human mind struggles to grasp.

Try this: just hold your messiness, your hurts that don’t make sense, your contradictions. Choose them even. Be right there with them without trying to fix or judge.

It can take a little while, but it’s a deeply healing practice.

Humans are messy. That’s an essential part of the magic.