Is a lack of vision killing your relationship?

Is a lack of vision killing your relationship
I find it surprising how many men have a clear vision for they want out of their career or work, but don’t have a clear vision of the kind of relationship they want.

And by vision I do not mean a list of features of your ideal woman or how you’d really like your partner to be.

Because that’s all about her. Your vision is really all about you.

And if you’re not clear on your vision for your relationship, or it’s just a mental vision, you’re killing it. You're going to be letting all your old patterns, beliefs and hurts run the relationship instead of creating what you really want - and being fully alive in it.

How do you create and implement a vision for your relationship that’s not just a mental exercise? Let me show you….

The 4 keys to a relationship vision

This is a simple and powerful 4 part process based on a QiGong practice using the 4 attentions centres in the body (mind, heart, belly and pelvis)

1. What do you want your relationship to look like?

Seeing a clear picture, or forming a clear couple of sentences, engages the mental energy.

  • What do you see the both of you doing together?
  • How much you time do you need for yourself?
  • How do the two of you grow together?
  • What do you see as you get older, become more successful?
  • Where do you live, what do you do for adventures, how deep and regular is your intimacy?

2. How do you want to feel in your relationship?

Engaging your feelings activates your emotional energy.

  • What kind and quality of experience do you have in your ideal relationship?
  • How does it feel in your body when you hang out?
  • When you make love?
  • What gets nurtured in you?
  • How inspired and motivated do you feel from the connection you have?

3. How powerful and trusting do you feel in your relationship?

This is one a lot of people miss out on, and it’s critical. Being clear on your sense of power, of how deeply you trust yourself, activates your intuitive mind.

  • How powerful and alive do you make each other feel?
  • How deeply does she trust you?
  • How deeply do you trust her?
  • How deeply do you trust yourself to be fully yourself in your relationship?
  • How authentic are you in this relationship you want and what does that look/feel like?

4. What’s your sexual and creative experience like?

Engaging the energy in your pelvis does more than get you clear on what kind of sexual relationship you want, it brings on board your creative energy, gets your deep well of vitality aligned and on board with what you want to create.

  • How does what you’ve envisioned in the last 3 sections feel?
  • How much does it excite you?
  • How would this effect your connection sexually?
  • How does that sexual connection feel and how does it power your life and this vision you’ve just created? What do you create together?

Setting your vision isn’t about setting an impossible ideal. It’s getting really clear on what kind of experience you want to have.

If you’re not in a relationship, then you’ve a powerful opportunity to make something great.

If you’re in a relationship, then you’ve a powerful opportunity to make something great.

Now make it real

One of the key aspects to really make this work is that you need to talk about it with your partner. Take her on this conscious co-createiong journey with you.

Is your a lack of vision killing your relationship


When you do this, your vision, and your relationship, will change and grow and become more powerful as you do so.

Especially if you’re already in a committed relationship and it’s not fitting what you’ve just envisioned, do not throw it in! Talk to each other and begin shaping something together. It can really bring the both of you to an even deeper place - and a more powerful vision.

Of course it can be easy to get stuck on things, like not enough money, time or daily household stuff. Push yourself and her to get to a higher level than that, they’re just details.

How you want your relationship to look/feel/experience/excite is the foundation of creating something awesome.

Again, what kind and quality of experience do you want to have in your relationship? Get clear on that, and then work out the details together.