King, Warrior, Lover, Magician
~ Man of Will ~

King, Warrior, Sage, Lover - the alure of the four primary masculine Archetypes draw us to them.

However they are not you. You are the anchor that can access and transform their power into your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this one day intensive:

  1. An embodied way to access the immense power of the four primary masculine Archetypes
  2. How to avoid the ego trap inherent in each of them
  3. How you can get their power to flow in a cycle
  4. A deep dive into your Warrior - what cause are you pursuing?
  5. How to mature your Warrior to his transformation point (and not get caught in his trap)
  6. A potent QiGong form to help you access and embody all of this

When you access the power of the Archetypes, there is great power available to you. There is also great danger - the danger of being ‘possessed’ by the Archetype.

(what does this mean? Examples can look like this: the absent Dad consumed with work, the egoic boss pushing those down around him, the blissful lover who struggles to get anything done…)

Where has this come from?

Through my QiGong practice and deep study of the 5 phases of change, I’ve discovered a correlation that’s transformed my ability to access and utilise these archetypes in a safe and powerful way.

A way that supports me to use them, rather than be used by them. An embodied process that’s allowing me to function far more powerfully.

The Warrior's Transformation

I’d love to show this process to you - and take you deep into your unique understanding and expression of the Warrior.

As well as learning the transformational cycle, we’ll be diving deeply into the Warrior - and exploring in detail his transformation point.

This transformation point is what takes you from drive to celebration, from will to compassion, from breaking through to blooming open.

The Details

Facilitator: Jared Osborne
Location: Hurstbridge
Date: Sunday 15th November, 10am - 5pm
Investment: $95

Limited numbers. Book in directly here.



I'm looking forward to seeing how you flourish as you explore and apply these incredible tools.

Welcome to the tribe

Jared Osborne