Qi Gym - deep integration training

Activate your Qi
Evolve your Internal Power 

When I studied with Grand Master and Traditional Chinese legend Professor Wong, I learnt a type of Kung Fu called Wu Gong. His most common translation of this was Hard Work.

And believe me it was hard work.

Hard and intense, in fact some weeks I’d still be hurting at next weeks class. Some weeks I could barely walk the next day.

There were a lot of people that didn’t make it past their first few lessons, especially martial artists looking for a quick combat upgrade. The ones that persisted were a really special group. 

It wasn’t showy. It wasn’t flashy. We rarely sparred. We mostly practiced forms. Studied how our bodies moved. Forms designed to open Qi flow, build coordinated strength and inner health.

It was one of the toughest and most rewarding practices of my life. I did it every day for 6 years.

The practice had incredible benefits for my body, yet the greatest gift for me was how it shaped my mind.

Hard Work.

My ability to do the hard work, to step outside of my comfort zone, to keep turning up into situations I know are going to hurt because they’re essential to my growth.

Resilience. Persistence.

Before that I really struggled with the hard work. I was smart and capable enough to get good results with it. I wanted quick fixes. Rapid progress. I wanted to get away from where I was at.

Prof taught me, trained me in something powerful, something that wasn’t the Kung Fu.

Since then I’ve studied and practiced a lot of Qigong. Some of it forms I learnt from Prof. Some of it from other incredible teachers.

Some hard, some soft.

The Qi Gym is the hard stuff.

If you’re game, I’d like to share the gift of ‘Hard Work’ with you.

Not hard as in complex. 

Simple forms and practices done slow and deep. The kind of thing you’d do in traditional martial arts training.

Forms that will have you seeing a new depth about how you move and coordinate. Forms that will have you wondering when on earth it’s going to stop one minute, and the next totally immersed.

Practices that you’ll be feeling for a few days after class because you’ll be demanding of your body to strengthen, build, coordinate.

Forms and practices that will build your ability to do the Hard Work.
And of course some deep soft, integration practices. 

(I don’t intend to have you still hurting a week later, btw, that’s not necessary to the process, just saying!)

What will strengthen in your body is totally different to what you’ll get at the gym doing weight training. The emphasis isn’t on building or strengthening muscle.

The emphasis and benefit is instead on building coordinated strength and power. Your whole body working as a whole.

Muscles, fascia & tendons, Qi, mind, emotions.

A deep powerful awareness of your whole body.

Train and your Qi and fluids will flow more easily. Your mind will strengthen. Your body will feel stronger, more powerful. You’ll walk taller, more upright. You’ll move differently.

Yes you'll 'feel' it the next day. I’ll push you. It’s not the soft flowy type of Qigong. 

One student from last term put it really well (he does combat martial arts):

I never knew doing so little could be so intense”.

If you’re game, if you want to build a deep coordinated strength and power in your body and mind, come do the Qi Gym.

The class is only for Men (I’ll be writing something soon about why I mostly only train men).

If you’re not sure if this is for you, shoot me a specific question.
I’d love to see you in the Dojo.

  • 6 weekly sessions from  14th Feb (Wednesday) 6-7pm
  • Deep slow practices to build suppleness, power & Qi
  • All six classes $117 or drop in if spaces available ($30@)

Get in touch if you have any questions. Seriously though, you'll love it, jump in. 

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