Qi Gym - Push Hands

Learn the art of awareness
Evolve your Internal Power 

What do you do when someone, like your partner, cracks it with you?
Freeze? Shrink? Attack? Flow? Crack?

Does trying to resolve things often make it worse?

There’s a way to do things differently, embedded in a Tai Ji practice called Push Hands. 

It’s a powerful study in receptive listening, suppleness and powerful strikes.

It’s also a powerful study in focused attention.

AND a powerful study of energy and intention.

It’s one of the key physical practices that taught me a different way to respond to the world.

How to listen, be receptive, open, untouchable, and powerful in striking through to create an outcome.

Especially in intense relationship moments, that strike through isn’t about attack, it’s creating resolution or altering the frame of the interaction.

It's powerful.  

The key is finding the right moment.

It’s an art. It takes work to make it an instinct. This is the practice. 

This term in the Men’s Qigong Dojo, we’re going to be practicing Push Hands and applying it to our emotions.

This isn’t something I’ve taught before, but it’s been brewing in my brain to do for a long time.

The Qi Gym class is going to go deep into this. 6 classes that will give you a deep appreciation of the art. These are open to all men, no experience necessary.

You will not really learn a 'form'.

You will unlock coordination of body, Qi, emotions, awareness & Spirit

You will explore & build your Internal Power

This will be intense. Demanding. 

You'll get up the next day feeling it. And you'll feel alive. 

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    6 Sessions from the 31st July (Wednesday), 6-7pm
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    Deep slow practices to build suppleness, power & integration

$117 for all 6, $30 individual classes

You can trial the first class and pay only if you love it

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