Grounded Man Qigong

for Men

Grounded Man is the start of a potent program for men - based in the 5000 year old revelations of Daoism and Qigong - that empowers us to be both deeply attuned to our sensitivity and alive in our power.

And from there... to awaken the profound alchemical process in our body that works to integrate consciousness ever more deeply with matter.

What you'll learn is both at once powerfully practical - there are real world application practices every week on relationships, work, sex - as well profoundly enabling on the subtlest levels of being.

This isn't traditional Qigong.

I've hunted for over 25 years now some of the most powerful Qigong practices to get Grounded, Present, Authentic, Powerful. 

There's nothing else like this program. 

A program that takes men like us deep into strengthening a container that harnesses our unique power: our sensitivity.

I got told to toughen up, not be so sensitive, be more of a man or I'll get walked over. The way I 'should be' as a man just didn't make sense. 

My sensitivity wasn't something I couldn't turn off.  And I tried.

So I put in a lot of hard work to understand out how to be
both sensitive AND powerful instead. 

While this is a system that saves you a lot of the time and effort it took me, you'll still need to do the work. Make time to practice. Be relentless with application.

The instant results you'll get aren't the greatest treasures. 

Come join a tribe of men doing exactly this.

We hunt living fully alive, potent, powerful, present, sensitive... to grow the man and elder that inspires and nourishes those around us. 

And the next chance to step into this Qigong tribe is opening this May

This work will transform your relationship with your body, anchor you in the Earth, deepen connection to Spirit, align you with the Sun and give you the foundation to live a long powerful fully alive life.

This is the Foundational course.
It's a portal to an incredible world inside your body, mind and spirit. 

Content is delivered both online and in person over 8 weeks.

You'll emerge from this able to be Grounded. Present. Powerful. 

At will. And if you dedicate yourself to do the work, most of the time. 

Each week activate a new depth of awarenessa

  • Train your breathing to calm mind & emotions
  • Command where your attention & energy goes
  • Coordinate your body to radiate a powerful masculine presence
  • Activate primal inner awareness pathways to access the aliveness in your body
  • Awaken your unique potent sexual presence
  • Reconnect & harness your whole sexual energy system to build lifelong vitality
  • Learn to relax and nourish your internal organs
  • Powerful closing process that actives your whole body into your intentions

An amazing amount of support

Video & Audio Resources

7 sequential Video and Audio resources to guide your learning, practice and application at home

Detailed notes every week

So you don't miss a thing and you can take your understanding of the concepts deeper

A powerful toolbox

Specific principle application guidance every week to transform your real world experience

A tested system

Over 24 years of training and research refined over 9 years of teaching by a highly skilled men's work facilitator & QiGong teacher.

Discounted Private Coaching

Access discounted private coaching to create a relationship you love and remove limiting beliefs.

Here's what other men are saying

This course has changed my life forever. I have been on a deep spiritual path for a few years now and this foundations course opened me up to so much more of myself, I now have access to parts of myself I never even knew existed.

- Steven Todd

I have learnt and grounded a profound sense of what it truly means to connect deeply with my manhood and in turn my true essence or Self. This work is accessible, sophisticated, revealing, authentic, fun, bonding, invigorating, supportive and most of all “real”.

- Heath Myers, Agent of Change

The most transformative and fulfilling practice I have done!

- Oz Alima

Wednesdays in Carlton

Classes go from 6 till 7:30 pm
 8 weeks from  8th May

With a supportive group of Men

Men on a similar journey who get it

Limited numbers (max 15)

Your investment:
 $317 or 3x $109

Common Experiences*:

  • Feeling clear and grounded
  • Increased energy & excitement for living
  • Higher self esteem & confidence
  • Reconnection with inner power & intuition
  • Sex that's fulfilling, potent and long
  • Far deeper relationships

* I can't guarantee you'll get these exact results - what I can tell you is every man who's done the practices & applied the principles has got results like these - sometimes even better.

earth foundations

This course changes lives.
Are you ready to change yours?

I used to be one of the most insecure, stuck in my head guys you'd be likely to meet.

I felt life would never get better. So I went on a deep search for answers.

Over 20 years I learnt & developed remarkable embodiment tools to create a life I love with an amazing relationship, wonderful kids & an inspiring business.

'd love to share these tools with you.

Jared Osborne

Term 2: 8 Wednesdays from 8th May

I’m so confident you’ll love this course (and get amazing results) that if you don’t like it or aren’t getting anywhere with the content and are doing the practices consistently, I’ll organise a personal one on one coaching session with you to see if we can shift what’s in the way – and if you're not satisfied I’ll refund any remaining classes.

And if you're not doing the practices? I'll do some coaching with you to get you doing them.

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