Grounded Man Qigong Online

Grounded Man Qigong is the entry point of a potent program for men - a program based on a human development system that's been evolving for over 5,000 years.

And for the first time, this potent entry point is available online. The whole program, in good time, will follow. 

This program strengthens the structure of your body, mind and spirit so that you're able to deepen your sensitivity, your ability to feel.

And from there... to awaken the profound alchemical process in our body that works to integrate consciousness ever more deeply with matter.

It's the pathway to continually increasing your personal power for your ENTIRE life.

What you'll learn is powerfully practical - there are real world application practices every week on relationships, work, sex - and illuminating on the subtlest levels of self.

This isn't traditional Qigong.

I hunted for over 25 years to learn how to embrace and be powerful in the world with the deep sensitivity I felt. 

I found a path to being Grounded, Present, Authentic, Powerful.

The biggest key was Qigong, one of the ancient traditional arts of China. And complimented it with other powerful tools, including cutting edge modern psychology, archetype invocation and deep physical intelligence work. 

Then I started teaching what I'd learnt - the greatest teacher there is. 

I refined practices and added my own evolutions over 10 years+ of teaching.

I weave these together to create courses that have a profound impact on the men who're able to embrace it.

There's nothing else like this program.

A program that takes men like you deep into strengthening a container that harnesses your unique power: your sensitivity

While this system saves you a lot of the time and effort it took me, you'll still need to do the work. Make time to practice. Be relentless with application.

The instant results you get aren't the greatest treasures.

We're playing the long game.

This is the Foundational program that get's you grounded, solid, both immovable and incredibly supple. 

Combined with the perceptiveness of your sensitivity, groundedness is superpower powerful, something highly valued in the world.

By partners. By your children. By the market place.

It does take work, work that has incredible rewards.

Honestly, I’m not naturally a very grounded person. It’s something I had to work hard at for a long time. And something I keep working at.

And it’s crazy the difference it makes. Especially to the women in my life, and those in the lives of men I work with.

The trust and depth that opens up can be profound.

Take a look at this from the partner of one man I worked with (it was a one on one session, where I taught him exactly what I’ll be teaching in the first two weeks):

The interesting thing about Grounding is that it’s really easy. Go for a walk in the bush. Go surfing. Go running. There are plenty of things you can do., but they don’t last.

Back in the stress of life, that grounding easily vanishes.

However there’s a far more direct method than that. One you can do anywhere, anytime, that with training becomes natural, instinctive.

It can be as simple as how you breathe. Take a look at this very short video:

The real work comes in being there consistently, where you don’t even noticing you’re doing it.

Take a moment to imagine that for a moment, what it’d be like to be grounded without even thinking about it.

  • Unshakeable. 
  • Deeply centred when the shit hits the fan at work.
  • When your partner looses her shit and you’re able to hold her in it.
  • When you can be in the depth of passion and be deeply present.

When you ground, you:

  • Get out of your head and connect with your body
  • Are the boss of your emotions
  • Are in command of your attention
  • Connect with your power
  • Come alive in your vitality and sexuality
  • OWN the space you’re in. 

If this speaks to you, then this course will absolutely rock your world. 

Men from all walks of life have done this training. Hundreds of men. 

Sensitive powerful men

This is the basic run down of the course:

Week 1 - Grounding your Breath
You’ll learn Kidney breathing so you can:
* Reduce anxiety and worry in a few minutes
* Calm yourself at well
* Increase energy by oxygenating your body and nourishing kidneys

Week 2 - Grounding your Awareness
You’ll learn to centre your attention and reclaim your desire so you can:
* Be in command of what you’re paying attention to
* Reclaim a MASSIVE amount of vitality
* Gain greater focus and clarity of mind and emotions

Week 3 - Grounding your Body
You’ll learn to unlock your physical structure do you can:
* Increase health through letting Qi and fluids flow freely in your body
* Feel supported by the Earth
* Unleash your natural charisma

Week 4 - Primal Awareness
Learn the secret of activating a deep body awareness so yo can:
* Reduce overwhelm and rapidly process your experiences
* Dissipate negative emotions
* Increase awareness and self worth

Week 5 - Jing Breathing
Learn the potent 5 phase Jing Breathing so you can:
* Balance, harmonise and safely build your sexual energy
* Be a better lover with deeper connection and more control

Week 6 - Natural Presence
Learn to directly relax your organs and bring all the teachings together with some advanced refinements so you can:
* Build an ongoing practice
* Develop an even deeper ability to ground yourself
* Be grounded and present without thinking about it

Each module you'll get a training video, a practice video, notes, a meditation. 

So, here’s the deal.

The coarse is currently in ‘beta format. It’s all there, however there’s a second cut of just about everything that I’ll be doing over the next two months.

Plus some significant refinements.  Making it better, the training deeper. 

The finished course should be released in the third Quarter - hopefully July - this year. You’ll be getting access to that immediately and can run through the course with all the new men who get on board. 

You’ll get access to the Beta version. One module released each week for 6 weeks.

That’s a full description of the principles and practices, as well as video and written descriptions of the practices.
These modules will not be fully polished, yet.

To get on board

Here's the investment:

6 week online course: $197 (register here)

Coaching Option: $697 (sign up for the course and tick the coaching box)

(The polished version will be more like $287, $798)

The coaching is 3 deep powerful sessions where we address and resolve underlying emotions that get the way of you being grounded.  Sign up for the course and click the box asking to chat with me about it - you’ll be able to just pay the difference). 

I'd love to guide you on a journey deep into yourself. 

Jared Osborne

Welcome to the tribe

PS: what if you don't like it or it doesn't work? Do the practices and content for 2 weeks. If that doesn't help get in touch. I'd love to help. If you've genuinely followed the advice, and tried it, I'll happily give you a refund. 


Q: I’ve already done the Foundations Course, what’s the difference between this and that?
A: The biggest difference is that you’ll have a video of me talking through the concepts of each week, something not currently included in the Live course. I’ll also be upgrading the content to include new insights and refinements - something I’ve not done in nearly 2 years. You’ll also have a forum to ask questions and seek reflection - from myself and other men. And there'll be a workbook in the final version which is going to take your results and understanding to the next level. 

Q: Is this similar to the Mastering Presence course?
A: The structure has some similarities in the first few weeks. It goes a lot deeper, and the Qigong form you’ll learn is way beyond what’s in that course. While some concepts are similar, this is a very different beast.

Q: Does this mean you'll be offering advanced training online?
A: Yes, one thing at a time though :). 

Q: Will this qualify me to do your Qi Forge Courses?
A: Not automatically, but most likely. We'd need to have a quick chat first as it's critical that you've GOT the content in this to do that work.