Grounded Man Qigong

Most men see their sensitivity, a receptivity to other’s emotions and feelings, as a liability. As something they have to struggle with.

I did.

Now I see this sensitivity as a super power that brings the people I care about more fully alive. 

Just like Murray here is learning:

Testimonail Murray GMQ.png

I want to give you a glimpse of what he’s been learning.

A simple Qigong practice that’ll make a big difference. 

No signup, just your time and an opportunity to purchase the course IF what I’ve got to share resonates with you.

(We’ll get to the practical shortly, context to information is where the power is)

The course Murray is referring to is the Grounded Man Qigong course. It teaches you EXACTLY how to get, and stay, grounded.

Including grounding and harmonising your sexual energy, hence his reference to ‘Sperm Palace’. 

And yes, you can learn embodiment online.

Because what I have to show you doesn’t rely on your external environment, but rather gives you powerful tools to work with your internal state and connect directly to your body intelligence.

When you learn what I’ve got to teach you, you’ll be able to get grounded anywhere, anytime.

  • Top floor of a high rise? Grounded.
  • Partner loosing her shit? Grounded.
  • Kids being totally ratty? Grounded.

Ok that last one can take practice :).

This is VERY different to most of the advice out there on how to be more grounded. It’s usually either useless in most situations or expensive.

The useless in most situations is things like get your bare feet on the earth, get out in nature, do some physical exercise, etc…

Don’t get me wrong, these can all really help. For bit.

However, “Excuse me, I just need to do a few pushups to get grounded, do you mind?” in the middle of an intense meeting with a client isn’t really going to help.

An example of the expensive is therapy. It tends to be slow, and can go the other way as you can get VERY caught up in your mind and story.

Rather than connecting directly with your body. Learning to work with, trust and master it’s intelligence.

For us sensitive/nice/caring/empathic men, there’s really two options.

Stay stuck in our head and struggle with our feelings. Struggle to be present. Feel overwhelmed with negative emotions like fear, anxiety, judgement and worry. Be less that you can be.

You KNOW what the cost is.

OR get grounded and claim more of your full power.

Be effortlessly present (embodied presence isn’t exhausting). 

Able to handle your own and others emotions. Be the rock in the surging ocean.

Start to tap into the vast intelligence and wisdom of your body.

Being grounded gave me the ability to be present to the world within and around me. Most importantly to be deeply present to my partner and kids. I love sharing this with men who get it. 

Turns out it’s actually pretty easy when you know how.

Which is so often the trick.

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