Context is Powerful

I’m keen to get practical, give you a taste of the ‘how’.

But first I need to give you some context so that the simple practice I show you has depth and far more power.

Context is really important. Knowledge without context is often pretty useless. They say knowledge is power, it isn’t.

Context is what makes knowledge powerful.

It's worth taking a moment to consider that if it’s a new thought. 

There’s a common misconception we need to sort out before we go much further.

Grounded: VITAL context

Being grounded isn’t something you have to do. It’s a natural state of your body.

You’re doing something that’s stopping you being grounded.

Re-read those two sentences again. They’re really important. Think about them for a moment, let them sink in.

This is why the ‘go and do this to be grounded’ advice is off track, it reinforces the idea that you have to go and do something, rather than it’s something you can naturally be.

So while I can show you simple things to do to get grounded, some techniques, I’m really wanting to show you how to ALLOW yourself to be grounded and then strengthen that natural capability.

Seriously, if you haven't taken a moment to really think about and feel the difference between the two, do so now.

The techniques I show you can be used to "do", but when they’re used to ALLOW they’re so much more powerful.

Un-Training our old habits can take some work though.

This is an important point. Training to develop a new capability, something you've not had before, is very different to training to undo a bad habit so you can awaken something you already have.

Elements of it can look the same as there may be "weak muscles" from the bad habit.

But it’s very different, different because we’re looking for the point where our natural processes take over and start doing it for us rather than us having to do something.

Even if getting to that point can take a long time, it’s a very different kind of effort that’s involved.

The kind of effort that requires a deep curiosity and the minimal effort to get things working on their own.

A brief diversion...

It’s a principle used in Chinese Medicine. The practitioner isn’t doing the healing. They’re facilitating the natural healing mechanisms of the body to function correctly so that the body heals.

The knowledge and skill comes in how good a practitioner is in identifying what’s not working and how to unblock it, how to restore the correct functioning of the system.

It’s a very different approach to, say western medicine (and a lot of natural medicine healers) who fix or try to fix the problem - often leaving the underlying issue or dysfunction still operating.

Learn to fish

We could spend some time together and I could give you an experience of being deeply grounded.

But if I didn’t tell you what I did and how you can do it for yourself, you’ll go back to ‘normal’. Show you how to do it… it’s the old teaching someone to fish idea.

Some personal context to reinforce this point:

I used to be an incredibly ungrounded person. My head full of dreams, fantasies and anxieties, depression a constant experience of a deep distress.

I spent many years trying to work out my mind and 'what was wrong with me'.

Then I decided I needed to get into my body more (get grounded) and started martial arts training. It helped, but only really when I was doing it and shortly afterwards.

It only started becoming natural to me when I brought this perspective to it and began seeing it as fundamentally un-training, unleashing the potential of my body.

It changed every practice I was doing because my emphasis was different. 

Context is power. 

Now it takes a lot to get me ungrounded, my system has to be really out, or the situation really stressful and hitting some vulnerabilities, for that to happen.

OK, with that under our belts, click here and let’s get practical (still no email required)