Grounded Man Qigong - the course

How’s your breathing? Breathing is just the start of the breath rabbit hole.

In Qigong there’s something called the 3 alignments.

They are: Breath, Body and Mind.

The techniques for each of these are just as simple to get a significant benefit.

They all work together to amplify their effect. And they each have massive benefit and depth.

When I trained in Qigong and martial arts these were mentioned off hand as something you’d do but were never really taught.

After years and years of training I began to realise these were the keystones for everything else. They were the missing element to translate my practice into my everyday reality.

A doorway into a new world.

When these 3 components come into alignment, you get Grounded. Really grounded.

Super power grounded.

You’ll be able to be more conscious. More present. Have more of you here.

Your body is able to function more naturally, with more ease, with more effectiveness.

Friends, partner, co-workers, women you meet, kids... they'll notice the difference. 

Especially when combined with the Primal Awareness I teach in week 4 of the Grounded Man course (this is what Murray was so excited about).

These 3 alignments are the heart of the course I’ve been teaching live for over 10 years and have finally gotten into an online course.

I’d absolutely love to take you deeper in. Show you what I know. Train you in the tools to get grounded anytime, anywhere.

What you’ll learn isn’t just a benefit to you, it’s also a gift to your partner, kids, colleagues… anyone in your life.

The course is currently in early launch stage, available for just $197. There are still a few rough edges. 

The course is 6 modules released over 6 or 3 weeks. Each teaching module is around an hour, the practice is around 20 minutes.

You’ll get content packed emails, comprehensive notes and training videos.

You can start right now.

Click here to sign up 

You'll be able to get started with a simple and powerful 'warm up' practice straightaway.

I'd love to have you on board. Come join the tribe of Sensitive Grounded Men. 

Jared Osborne