PRESENCE - your ability for deep awareness

No matter what gets thrown at you.

What if you could access this at will?

Mastering Presence: Foundations Online Course

In just 7 weeks you can learn to be effortlessly present.

Or at least learn to do it so easily you'll wonder why it took so much effort before.

Presence transforms your relationships - all of them.

Simple, powerful step by step presence training

Here's what you get each week:

  • Train your breathing to calm mind & emotions - and align with your real values
  • Command where your attention & energy goes
  • Coordinate your body to radiate a powerful masculine presence
  • Build emotional presence through an embodied path of processing and releasing emotions
  • Learn to love your desire and bring sexual presence into your life
  • Activate primal inner awareness pathways to access the aliveness in your body
  • Integrate everything you've learnt to build deep natural presence
Mastering Presence: Foundations

This course is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development.

It's been taught to hundreds of men live.

Now you can learn it at home.

Here's the resources you get

  • Weekly Lessons

    Over 45 minutes of instruction each week

  • Detailed notes every week

    So you can take your understanding of the concepts deeper

  • Weekly Practice Videos

    10 minute physical practice videos to open your natural presence

  • Short Weekly Meditations

    To really embed your new awareness and get the full depth of the concepts

  • Facebook Group

    Get support, encouragement and ask questions

Here's what other men are saying

(Feedback from the beta run)

Course Details

Available NOW!


  1. Technical - Internet Connection (~300 Mb/week)
  2. Technical - Video playback device (computer, phone, tablet)
  3. Time - Content ~1 hr/week
  4. Time - Practice 10-20mins per day
  5. Attitude - Enthusiasm

Common Experiences*:

  • Less reactive and emotionally clear
  • Deeper & more harmonious relationships
  • Higher self esteem & confidence
  • Deeper sexual connection
  • Increased ability to focus and be 'in the zone'
  • Feel happier and more alive

* I can't guarantee you'll get these exact results - what I can tell you is every man who's done the practices & applied the principles has got results like these - sometimes even better. 

Registration and payment

Jared OsborneI used to be one of the most insecure, stuck in my head guys you'd be likely to meet.

I felt life would never get better. So I went on a deep search for answers.

Over 20 years I learnt & developed remarkable embodiment tools to create a life I love with an amazing relationship, wonderful kids & an inspiring business.

I'd love to share these tools with you.


I’m so confident you’ll get great results with this course that if you apply what you're learning for 3 weeks and don’t get amazing value out of the content, I'll refund your money (30 day limit).

No questions asked.


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