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Water Forge

Ocean of Inner Power

Gentleness, yielding, restfulness: these are the seeds of true power


I used to dislike that I had to sleep.

I’ve hit ‘burn out’ a number of times in my life. I used to think I had to push hard to get anywhere.

That was before I really understood.

Before I met Professor Wong and had a different vision for my life open up before me.

One of his teachings which is indelibly etched on my brain was that power comes from softness.

That when you go to strike, or take an action, it’s soft, soft, soft, then hard! only right at the end and only for the moment of action.

That the power of the strike comes from the softness that proceeds it.

The Ocean of Inner Power is all about this principle.

The power that arises from Yin.

Nurturing yourself at the deepest possible level of being.

Aligning with your inner Emperor - clear in vision, profoundly potent, power emanating from a deep stillness.

Here's what's going to happen:

You'll Experience

  • Deep relaxation
  • Vibrant energy in your core - Physical Inner Power
  • Clarity and Potency - Subtle Inner Power
  • An aliveness in your bone marrow

Attend Live Classes

  • 8 QiGong Classes in Carlton

Access Online Modules (New)

  • Bone marrow breathing/Empty Force
  • Cultivating inner power
  • seminal absorption II (inc testicle massage)

The Forge

4 interlocking seasonal courses
The tools and wisdom to master your vitality & self relationship
Live the potent, powerful life you were meant for

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We are constantly being forged our entire lives by the cycles of Nature.
Yet so much personal development work, and even QiGong, completely ignores these cycles.
We are Men, a part of Nature, not machines.

When we ignore these natural cycles we get tossed about, age quickly, get stressed, loose our vitality.
Or we can work consciously with them to take our personal journey forward in leaps and bounds.
The Forge trains you in embodying the wisdom to work with these natural processes.

You get the tools to live the fullest life you can.

Master your Forging

Let the Ocean be your teacher... nurturing, yielding yet powerful, immense.

What you can expect from doing the practices:

  • Rest and sleep more deeply
  • Ongoing connection with your Inner Power
  • Live longer and healthier
  • Feel deeply centred & coherent
  • Be a more potent lover
  • Master your fears

Bone Breathing:

Here's how you'll do it

  • Sleep and rest ‘hacks’ (class & online)
  • Lower Dan Tien activation form (in class)
  • 5 nurturing transformations QiGong form (in class)
  • Strengthen bones and nurture marrow QiGong form (in class)
  • Seminal absorption practices, including the full testicle massage (online)
  • Bone marrow breathing (class & online)
  • Advanced students: Empty Force cultivation (online)
  • Cultivate the character of the Emperor

An amazing amount of support

  • Video & Audio Resources

    Weekly Videos and Audio of the practices to guide your learning, practice and application at home

  • Detailed notes every week

    So you don't miss a thing and you can take your understanding of the concepts deeper - including class recordings

  • A powerful toolbox of wisdom

    Specific principle applications every week to transform ancient and cutting edge insights into practical real world experience

  • A tested system

    20 years of training and research refined over 7 years of teaching by a highly skilled men's work facilitator & QiGong teacher.

Vermillion Bird

Venue: Mangala Studios, 73 Grattan St Carlton (on cnr Lygon)
Dates: 8 Wednesdays from 3rd May to 21st June
Time: 7:30-9:15pm


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I’m so confident you’ll love this course (and get amazing results) that if you don’t like it or aren’t getting anywhere with the content and are doing the practices consistently, I’ll organise a personal one on one coaching session with you to see if we can shift what’s in the way – and if you're not satisfied I’ll refund any remaining classes.
And if you're not doing the practices? I'll do some coaching with you to get you doing them.


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