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Regenerate your essence, live your Authority

You MUST have done the Grounded Man Qigong (Foundations) to do this course

Gentleness, yielding, restfulness:
the seeds of true power

I used to think I had to try really hard. That I had to push. I even resented having to sleep. 

Nothing seemed to happen without effort - or so I thought. 

And instead of feeling powerful in my masculinity I just felt like an empty shell, like I was a fake. 

It was an effective way to burn out. 

Then I met Professor Wong and had a different vision for my life open up before me.

One of his teachings which is indelibly etched on my brain was that power comes from softness.

That when you go to strike, or take an action, it’s soft, soft, soft, then hard! Only right at the end and only for the moment of action.

That the power of the strike comes from the softness that proceeds it.

The Ocean of Inner Power is all about this principle.

The power of not pushing. Of using the Empty Force to attract. 

It’s the true power of the King, the energy of a powerful vision, of command.

Something a lot of people don't get about the mature King energy is that's not domination and power over, it's power with, it's a deep service. 

Whenever I forget to apply it life seems to grind to a halt. Whenever I remember it, life moves, opens up, possibilities flourish. 

There’s a deep integration of self in the Yin space, a deep allowing yourself to be exactly what you are. 

This is the place where I first - and still continually - find the potency of my masculinity. 

From here powerful action is possible, but only when it’s ready.

If my deep centre is incoherent with conflicting desires or negative beliefs chaos ensues. 

You’ve got to tend the centre first. 

This term gives you tools to regenerate the very deepest essence of your body. To cultivate a powerful stillness. A potent presence. A restful irrepressible aliveness. 

It’s here that the inner light can really flourish, the Heaven and Earth come into synergy together, the deep of the well.

Are you tending your centre?

Nourishing your core for a long & potent life?

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QiGong of Inner Power

What you can expect from regularly applying the practices:

  • Increase vitality, power and longevity
  • Clearer life vision and purpose
  • Cultivate your unique sense of Authority
  • Deeper stillness and rest 
  • Strong radiant bone marrow that brings vitality to your whole body

Here's how you'll do it

  • Powerful Qigong forms that anchor you deep in your body
  • Water Qi cultivation practices 
  • Explore living from your full Authority
  • Personal reflection practices
  • And more...

Play the long game. 

Key Practices

  • WuJi Gong - a powerful spiritual form that unwinds you from time and delusions
  • Bone Breathing & activation - regenerate your marrow and unlock the key to deep vitality 
  • NEW: Water Qi cultivation practices 
  • Continuing students:  use your structure (Metal) to guide your flow (Water) 
  • Advanced students: Learn how the meridians work with  WuJi Gong & complete tissue breathing

An amazing amount of support

Video & Audio Resources

7 sequential Video and Audio resources to guide your learning, practice and application at home

Detailed notes every week

So you don't miss a thing and you can take your understanding of the concepts deeper

A powerful toolbox

Specific principle application guidance every week to transform your real world experience

A tested system

20 years of training and research refined over 6 years of teaching by a highly skilled men's work facilitator & QiGong teacher.

Review your form

You can send me a recording of your form and I'll provide individual feedback via audio message (full price only). 

Venue: Zoom (link to be confirmed)
Dates: 8 Wednesdays from 29th April to 24th June 
Time: 7:45-9:15pm

This term you have the option on registration to access the full
Grounded Man Qigong Online pre-recorded course for just $97

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Your investment:
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Vitality Forge FAQ:

  • Will the class be recorded? 
    • Yes.  So you’ll have access to that, however uploading the class recording will not be my priority (and there's always the risk of recording failing), so get to the class! 
  • Can you access do this as an online course without attending the classes? 
    • I may release this as a complete online offering a little later, however I want to focus on making the live online experience as complete as I can first
  • I’d love to do it, but affording it is a stress right now
    • I’ve got a limited number of places available without the form feedback for those who’re in financial difficulty.
    • And if that still isn’t affordable and you’re really keen… talk to me. 
  • How will form feedback be given?
    • Via audio. There will be instructions provided on how and when to do this.

The Forge is an engine room for deep personal growth. Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

I’m so confident you’ll love this course (and get amazing results) that if you don’t like it or aren’t getting anywhere with the content and are doing the practices consistently, I’ll organise a personal one on one coaching session with you to see if we can shift what’s in the way – and if you're not satisfied I’ll refund any remaining classes.

And if you're not doing the practices? I'll do some coaching with you to get you doing them.

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