Vitality Forge: Wood

Qigong of Irrepressible Growth

Grow up AND down, out AND in

Supple like the sapling
Uncompromising as the Dragon
Vital like the new leaves
Powerful as the wise Warrior

So we're going to do a few things very differently this term to embrace the online learning platform.

A big one is I'm going to be pre-recording the basic teaching of the Yi Jinjing.

This will mean the class will focus on going deep on the practices and principles, rather than focussed on me teaching the basics.

So for the experienced with the form, you'll get a whole different layer of depth to the practice.

For those, new, you'll be able to deeply review the core form teachings. 

To give you an idea of what this is going to be like, here's the first 4 movements of the Yi Jinjing (it's half an hour). 

So... onto what this about:

There’s energy all around us. Things happening all the time.

We're growing all the time. 

So much to do...

And there's also deep stillness. An ocean of potential.

A powerful upsurging of Qi and life that wants to act through you.

Actually it IS acting through you. It’s pliable to your will and desire. Even your unconscious desires and beliefs. Usually especially those.

You can shape that flow of energy into your growth. 

(If this sounds a bit Jedi all of a sudden, it’s because 'Jedi' sounds a bit Qigong).

There is something really important to know.

The condition of your self relationship, the condition of your body, the condition of your Qi, the condition of your emotions, the condition of your character - these all effect your ability to shape the flow of this energy.

Misalignments cause turbulence.

Then to act, to do, to be, takes more effort. You have to push harder, use more of your reserves, rather than allow more deeply.

This has been one of the hardest skills for me to master. I was a lifelong tryer. I still catch myself at times pushing rather than allowing, shaping.

Each year at this time i focus on getting better at shaping.

Smoothing the misalignments. Improving my conditions of self. Increasing my ability to shape the flow of Qi, consciousness and matter.

Growing with more power, less effort. 

Embodying the insights of the Spring Dragon.

Growing as a mature Warrior - one with Cause.

Grow with the forces flowing around and within you.

True Action takes little effort.

The Forge

4 interlocking seasonal courses
 The tools and wisdom to master your vitality & self relationship
Live the potent, powerful life you were meant for

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QiGong of Irrepressible Growth

What you can expect from regularly applying the practices:

  • Increase vitality and longevity
  • Stronger and more supple Mind, Body and Qi 
  • Deeper clarity about the most effective actions 
  • A powerful generosity that flows from a place of power 
  • Abilty to transform frustration and anger into Fierce intent
  • Increased sexual balance and power

Here's how you'll do it

  • Attend 8 powerful online classes that will challenge and inspire you to grow
  • Learn powerful Qigong forms in class and online
  • Practice the forms at home with the support of online materials
  • Apply the Mind & Qi awareness practices during your day 
  • Complete Personal reflection exercises
  • And more...

Play the long game. 

Key Practices

  • Yi Jin Jing - THE practice which turned bookish priests into the Shaolin Monks
  • Various Spiralling, wrapping & Kung Fu practices to unlock Fascia & powerful gracefullness
  • Active a deep Earth Qi connection to build Jing and live force potency

An amazing amount of support

Video & Audio Resources

7 sequential Video and Audio resources to guide your learning, practice and application at home

Detailed notes every week

So you don't miss a thing and you can take your understanding of the concepts deeper

A powerful toolbox

Specific principle application guidance every week to transform your real world experience

A tested system

20 years of training and research refined over 6 years of teaching by a highly skilled men's work facilitator & QiGong teacher.

Venue: ONLINE - Live and recorded content
Dates: 8 Wednesdays from 29th July 
Time: 7:45-9:15pm

Your investment:
$287 or 3x $99

hardship concession also available

If you require a different payment method, then sign up for the direct deposit,

then email me straight back when you get the confirmation email so
 we can make an arrangement.

The Vitality Forge is an engine room for deep inner work. Are you ready to create a powerful Qi body?

I’m so confident you’ll love this course (and get amazing results) that if you don’t like it or aren’t getting anywhere with the content and are doing the practices consistently, I’ll organise a personal one on one coaching session with you to see if we can shift what’s in the way – and if you're not satisfied I’ll refund any remaining classes.

And if you're not doing the practices? I'll do some coaching with you to get you doing them.

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