There is no right way to 'be a man'

We get sold so many different ideas about who we should be.

Qualities we should have. What a real man is.

From our parents, friends, society, partners.

It’s not only confusing, to many men it’s damaging. We get lost. Struggle.

So I’m not going to do that.

Instead I want to help the right men to be more themselves. To go on the epic lifelong journey of being authentic to who they really are.

Who are right men? Glad you asked.

Sensitive Powerful Men

We are the sensitive men who’re hunting our power.

We care. Deeply. Sometimes it feels like too much.

We’re generous. Sometimes when we probably shouldn’t.

We see the good in people, sometimes even get burnt by that.

Here's 'the thing'. We’ve not been able to shut off this deep sensitivity.

But we do know there’s a way to live a powerful, successful life with this ALIVE within us. We've just got to find it.

And we’re everywhere, in all walks of life.

We see and feel with a depth we rarely let on.

Because of this we’ve struggled. Been told to man up. To not take things personally. That we’re too nice. That we’ll get walked over.

We’ve had confirmation of this, but still we know and have at least some experience of a different path.

Because of this we see things others don’t. Especially in those around us. And we have a different approach to power.

We don’t look for success at the expense of others.

We want to nourish and inspire those around us.

Do Something Different

And this masculinity thing?

You need to let go of it being a destination. Something you arrive at.

Instead see it as a lifelong journey. This is how masculinity was before we got it all twisted up into romantic ideals.

The first step of this journey is to consider this:

Your sensitivity IS powerful.

It’s actually the key to your full power in the world.

Most of the men who come to me are stuck in an either or.

Sensitivity or Power.

It’s both.

Spend some time feeling this.

That your sensitivity is powerful, is in fact the key you fully flourishing in the world. A massive asset.

Open yourself to that possibility.

Step 2 is you've got to get PRESENT TO YOURSELF.

Here's an incredibly powerful and helpful tool, the Emotional Processing Tool that can help you handle your emotions. A lot.

Check out some of the other resources I’ve got on my blog too.

If this speaks to you, I’d love to have you as part of this tribe of sensitive powerful men. You can jump on my email list here.

If you want to dive in deeper, check out the courses I’ve got. If you're in our near Melbourne, the Qigong classes are incredible.

I’m in the process of updating and changing my whole approach to how I do this business, so bear with me.

There’s going to be a lot changing and lot more support and resources available soon.

If you've got questions feel free to get in touch.

Jared Osborne

Sensitive, Powerful masculinity hacker.

Love being the Man you are.


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