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Knowledge is power.
Training (focus, action, persistence, will) is the engine room of that power.
In a world that keeps telling us we're not enough,
training gives us the edge to be the men we really are.


Mastering Presence Online Course

Want to feel clear, calm & powerful no matter life throws at you? This course will get you in the drivers seat, transforming your world & relationships...

7 weeks - Instant access | More info | Buy Now $97

- February 2017 -

Sumatran-Tiger-HeroGolden Body QiGong - Wisdom Forge (Carlton, Vic)

Would you love to be fit, healthy and fully able when you're old? You need to start now by understanding and working with your limits, your true embodied power.

8 Wednesdays 7:45-8, 8 Feb - 29 Mar | More info | Buy Now $297

This practice has changed my life. I feel as deeply present and embodied now as I did mid-vipassana, and I’m in a secular environment (train carriage)!

- James O'Brien

This course has changed my life forever. I have been on a deep spiritual path for a few years now and this foundations course opened me up to so much more of myself, I now have access to parts of myself I never even knew existed.

- Steven Todd

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