Golden Warrior QiGong

Learn the keys to grounding and harnessing your sexual vitality
Get a powerful toolbox of awareness and physical practice arts
Discover a way of being that empowers and supports your authenticity


Foundations QiGong EarthThe entry point – getting grounded and mastering getting your attention, Qi & sexual Vitality anchored. Developing your Presence. Owning your Power. It’s a powerful toolbox of body, breath and awareness practices that makes it simple to get out of your head, stay grounded and live your life authentically. These are the keys to vitality, power and presence every man should know.

8 week term starting 6th October, Melbourne, Australia

This practice has changed my life. I feel as deeply present and embodied now as I did mid-vipassana, and I’m in a secular environment (train carriage)!

James O'Brien

This course has changed my life forever. I have been on a deep spiritual path for a few years now and this foundations course opened me up to so much more of myself, I now have access to parts of myself I never even knew existed.

Steven Todd

____________The Forge____________

The Forge QiGongThis is for Foundations graduates only - a powerful process of deep cultivation to increase Vitality, Power and Presence.

Learning to master your body, mind and spirit through listening ever more deeply to your body wisdom - ultimately learning your own practice from yourself.

Live in harmony with the powerful force of the Sun

8 week term starting 6th October, Melbourne, Australia

I have learnt and grounded a profound sense of what it truly means to connect deeply with my manhood and in turn my true essence or Self.  This work is accessible, sophisticated, revealing, authentic, fun, bonding, invigorating, supportive and most of all “real”.

Heath Myers, Agent of Change

I can’t tell ou what a positive and meaningful impact your work has made on me and my relationships. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for that, and am really looking forward to continuing the journey.

Joshua Ackman

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