One of the best pieces of work I've done

This terms Advanced Qigong course is one of the best pieces of work I’ve created.

I’m so proud of it. It’s the culmination of 8 years of deep work.

The theme is the Metal phase of the 5 phases (or elements) of nature, and we’re working with the underlying quality of structure.

By working with, I mean strengthening the underling structure, the container that holds our consciousness.

Not the consciousness. Not the thoughts. Not the emotions. But that which holds them.

It’s incredible what’s unfolding.

This amazing group of men - my Qigong tribe - to a man are experiencing a significantly increased ability to hold themselves.

To not be rocked by their emotions. To stay in their centre when things go to shit. To hold others around them.

All without sorting out any ‘contents’ of their Mind.

Strengthening their structure directly through their practice. It’s been an incredible term.

I feel a bit sad that next week is our last - and also excited about next term and the possibility of that course going to whole new level.

A key part of what’s made it so incredible is the hard, deep work done over a long time.
A dedication to keep working at it and working at it, learning from the successes and misses and… creating something amazing.

To, as Seth Godin puts it, ‘keep showing up’.

What’s your hard deep work? Work that you’ve dedicated yourself to creating?

And if it’s not there, what could it be? What could you keep showing up for?

(and the tiger...?
The Great White Tiger is the guardian of the Metal Qi)