Your opponent is your teacher

We all face opponents. Our struggles. Hurdles. Blocks.

Our toughest opponents are nearly always the negative emotions that arise when people and events challenge us. And ask us uncomfortable questions of ourselves.

It's easy to resent them. To push against. To react and run or try to shut them out. To judge so that we don't have to face whatever has been triggered in us.

But doing this cuts us off from vital information, a deeper connection with our authenticity, and further away from uncovering deeper layers of our power.

This isn't the path to growth and wisdom.

The path to growth and wisdom is to see your opponents as your teachers. Willingly facing them and looking for what you have to learn.

This doesn't mean taking 'it all on'. It's being fully responsible for your part in it.

It's staying anchored in your learning.

It's inviting the challenge - because at heart it's a challenge to grow and learn and deepen.

Even if that challenge is to walk away - but with such clarity that you never have to face it again.

Even if that challenge is step deeper into where it's most painful because that's where you're going to learn the most.

I know at times it's been incredibly hard for me to do this. I've been through both periods where I've taken it all on, and through periods where I've blamed others. Neither ever worked out too well - the same shit just kept popping up.

It's taken me years to learn (and am still learning) the art of respecting my opponent, learning from my opponent and growing from my opponent.

Embracing with out taking it personally. Engaging without taking it on.

Whether that's someone that triggers me, me letting someone down, my fears, my judgements, my frustration… They are all my opponents and therefore my teachers.

Learning from your opponents is a key aspect of the Metal element of the Chinese 5 elements - the descending energy that draws in Autumn, sunset and that moment after action.

Seeing your opponent as your teacher will help you to really understand your wisdom and embody your power.