Where is your personal Dojo?

A dojo is a place where you practice excellence in awareness.

Integrating awareness of body, mind, breath, spirit.

A place you set aside for yourself that’s dedicated to practicing your wholeness.

Reminding you of the deeper layers. Supporting your self expression. Anchoring you.

Men's Dojo

This is a big part of the reason my men’s work is integrated into QiGong, and why I advocate to the men who do my courses to make this time for themselves.

There is so much in this culture that takes us away from our true nature: entertainments, advertising, the foods we eat and the cities we create.

It’s easy to get lost. To loose contact.

Creating a space for yourself where you reconnect, even just briefly, makes a massive difference.

And it doesn’t even have to be a formal QiGong practice.

Kitchen Dojo

For example, my kitchen is a part of my Dojo. I love cooking. And I take the principles of awareness I train in my QiGong into the creation of food for my family.

It’s become a core component of how I connect with and express myself. There’s a movement and a flow, a deep listening to the needs of my body and those of my family.

A weaving the bounty of my kitchen into something that nurtures.

A space to study yourself

I study how I move and create in that space. Doing the same or similar movements over and over again endeavouring to do them with more awareness, more consciousness each time.

Just like in my morning practice.

There are practices I repeat every day. And it’s exactly this repetition that is so powerful. Once I’m familiar with the form, I’m able to study how I am in the form.

Kitchen, my practice circle outside, my study. All aspects of my personal Dojo.

My Dojo is a gateway into myself, and my personal dojo, or dojo’s, both kitchen, outside and my study, are at the core of that.

Where are your personal dojos?

(note: Dojo is a Japanese term. QiGong is a Chinese term. QiGong in China is traditionally studied in temples. I prefer the term Dojo to temple, there's an edge it communicates which I like. And I focus in what I teach is to use the best tool available, not to be pure.)