How will Golden Warrior QiGong help my sex life?

First of a series of articles about what Golden Warrior QiGong can do for you...

Golden Warrior QiGong is an embodiment training program for Men - and it can revolutionise your sex life.

There’s a few ways the practices do this: Embodiment, Vitality, Presence 

The practices of this QiGong form will help you to:

  • Last the distance
  • Stay fully present
  • Know exactly where to direct your energy to build vitality
  • Experience both greater pleasure and control
  • Build deep and enduring intimacy

It used to be a lot of hard work for me to restrain my sexual fluids involving lots of physical contractions and hard drawing of energy. Now 80% of the time it’s effortless and I don’t need to do any of these things - it just happens. Here's some of the why...


Embodiment training means that you’ll train your awareness to be integrated with your body.

QiGong sex

What exactly does this have to do with sex and love making?

When you’re able to make love with a whole body awareness, some really remarkable experiences start to open up. For you and your partner.

So let me ask you this: when you’re having sex or making love, what are you mostly aware of? What thoughts go on in your mind? How much of you is consciously engaged in the action?

I went from having heaps, and I mean heaps, going on in my head and very little presence or awareness, to being fully there with my partner, making love with my whole body:

  • Able to feel my whole body come alive in a kiss or touch
  • Make love with my entire body, not just my cock
  • Deeply immersed in feeling and sensation, able to stay right with whatever arises
  • Able to respond intuitively to shifts in arousal and desire

I feel at once so much more powerful and strong as well as so much more available and softer. In fact I feel so much more alive in all my interactions with my lover - even the challenging ones.


The QiGong practices begins to build a deep and lasting vitality in the body.

We do this through training the sexual energy while it’s unaroused.

Working with it unaroused opens up tissues and pathways within the body that are critical for the absorption of the energy and body fluids.

The simple and subtle process we use isn’t just zipping the energy around the micro-cosmic orbit or up and down the spine or dumping it in the brain, but to directly revitalise the organs responsible for your vitality and energy

Kidney QiGong

It’s deep and subtle work with massive payoff.

Over time, a very definite sense of power in the belly develops that can be drawn on to use.

This helps with day to day energy.

But it also helps to keep the sexual energy and fluids naturally anchored in the body as there’s what I like to think of as a ‘gravity well’ inside the body keeping me anchored.

Feeling energised after Sex

This isn’t a common concept for a lot of guys - the ‘normal’ experience is feeling sleepy (when you’re younger) or drained (when you’re older) after sex.

If you’ve had some experience with some seminal retention practices (separation of orgasm and ejaculation) then you’re aware that having sex without ejaculating can do amazing things for your vitality and sense of power.
It can give you heaps of juice to apply to your world.

But you can also feel energised after ejaculation - this is what the subtle core practices develop in your body as your vitality builds.

Separating orgasm from ejaculation

Another way we build vitality is to ejaculate less. This doesn't mean having less pleasure, in fact once you get the hang of it quite the opposite.

Orgasm and ejaculation are separate events. Orgasm is the movement of built up sexual energy in the body. Ejaculation is a rapid muscle spasm that releases sexual fluids.

Many men only experience these together. But they can be easily separated - part of what we do in the courses - this means you can have massive pleasure without ejaculating. It can, however take a some practice and persistence to reliably be able to do this.

Which means you can really last the distance and have a lot of fun with your partner. And rapidly build your vitality - which makes you that much more potent the next time you come to making love.


You’ll learn the real art of presence: and this isn’t just having all of your attention on someone. Presence is easy to learn, but can take a lot of persistence to master.

It’s about feeling and being connected with your body, feeling through your senses rather than being aware of someone.

Staying fully present while you’re making love is an amazing gift to offer your partner - it builds trust and intimacy like nothing else I know.

These all make it so much easier to keep your fluids in your body while staying fully connected with your partner for as long as you need to. They also increase your pleasure as you begin to tune into the subtle arousal and pleasures of the body - there’s less need to chase a peak experience as there’s so much more goodness going on.

The Foundations course is a lot more than a course on sex, but it’s one of the direct (and most interesting!) applications of the work.

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