What is QiGong?

So what is QiGong?

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And the transcript edited for clarity:

QiGong is an ancient embodiment art from China.

And after doing 20 years of practicing it, I’ve realised, at the heart of it, it's about making more room for consciousness in my body.

Think about that for a moment. Think about how awesomely cool that is as a practice, something you can do every day.

Every day I do it. Every day I keep working on it, and it's right in the body. It's right in the cells and the tissues, in my bones, in my marrow, in my organs, in my sex, in my legs. In every part of my physiology.

These practices begin to open, begin to work deep inside as you let the process unfold.

QiGong opens the big obvious parts like the joints and muscles. And goes really subtle. Cellular. Subtle energy structures. QiGong gets me in touch with everything about my body, including the feeling of the cells in my blood and marrow in my bones.

When I do these practices, there's this point afterwards where just a little bit more of me slides in. And a little bit more of me gets anchored. And I slowly and deeply start becoming more and more powerfully alive and fully here and more present and more grounded.

So that my light, my spirit, my consciousness - the wholeness of who I am starts becoming more and more here.

So that I can live and fulfill my dream of having an elder-hood, an old age, in which I'm so strong and alive and vibrant in my spirit, in my energy, in my shiningness and gift to this world.

So that there's this powerful strength to my spirit and beingness throughout my entire life.

What is QiGong?

That's what QiGong is.

And it's an ancient art from China that coordinates body, breath and mind. And there's movement, and there's meditation and there's all this really cool, powerful work that you do with the body.

But that - it's the form.

Forms are important and they're powerful. It's underneath the form that really lights me up and excites me and gets me out of bed at 5 am to go, "Yeah, I'm doing my QiGong, I'm doing this. I'm opening my body. I'm enlivening, I'm bringing this incredible work to the lives of other men." That's what QiGong is for me.