Zinc: a man's best friend?

So why am I talking about a mineral on a website about men’s embodiment? Because this mineral is one of the key ‘man ingredients’.

If it’s low, your vitality and sexual drive are likely to be low, if it’s high, it can do a lot to support sex drive and function and all round feeling awesome.

And it’s one of the main minerals we loose when we ejaculate.

This article isn’t formal nutrition advice, just some great info to get you more informed - and so you can investigate and experiment further.

Men’s health and Zinc

So Zinc is a mineral that’s important for the human body - and it plays a key role in male fertility and virility.

Zinc is required for the catalytic activity of over 100 enzymes in your body and is essential for cell division & tissue repair.

Zinc is also critical to sperm maturing so that they have the mobility and strength to undertake the rigorous journey of fertilization - and is a key ingredient of your sexual fluids.

And for men, ejaculation is the main source of Zinc loss.

Are you getting enough Zinc?

It’s only one factor in a balanced diet and lifestyle that supports your full potency and potential - but it’s an important one. And there's a growing evidence base a lot of men don't have enough.

For men 19+ years, the recommended intake is 14mg (women it’s 8mg).

The highest source of bio-available (that is easily absorbed zinc) is from oysters and meat - if you have a meat diet it’s possible you’ll have enough. However you also need plenty of vitamin C to be able to absorb the zinc properly.

Zinc - food for Men

That said, excessive amounts of iron and calcium in the diet inhibits the absorption of zinc, so this one of those cases where ‘balanced diet’ is important, especially if you’re inclined to ‘bomb’ your system with super foods or vitamin supplements or have heaps of red meat.

Vegetarians can have a bit of a harder time getting Zinc in, and can require up to 50% more zinc to satisfy their bodies requirements as a lot of plant based Zinc isn’t particularly accessible for your body - but they're likely to have enough Vitamin C for the job.

One of the best and most easily accessible vegetable sources of Zinc is pumpkin seeds. They’re super easy to throw into the diet and great as a snack - and can really ramp up your zinc levels. Get them organic!

Otherwise, spinach, cashews and beans have plenty of Zinc to keep you stocked up.

Zinc and Fertility

On the fertility side of things, increasing zinc levels in infertile men has been shown to boost sperm levels as well as improve the form, function and quality of male sperm.

So if you’re thinking, ‘oh, I don’t want to get my partner pregnant, I’ll stop eating Zinc’ then you’re way off the mark!

Zinc and Virility

On the virility side of things, we loose quite a bit of zinc when we ejaculate. If our zinc levels get low, our sex drive tends to dry up, we get fatigued more easily and tissues will heal more slowly.

A good supply of zinc in the body supports the creation of sperm and sexual fluids and can increase sex drive (I say ‘can’, because there could be other factors at play aside from low zinc if your sex drive is low).

I’ve heard stories of some highly sexed ‘Casanova’s’ carrying bags of pumpkin seeds around with them.

I find high zinc foods make a difference, as have a lot of other men I’ve worked with.


Try increasing foods with Zinc to see if they have an effect on your sex drive and physical vitality.

I find eating high zinc foods has a particularly palpable effect eating them 24 hours or so after ejaculation.

You can also get your zinc levels checked at a doctor too if you want to see what’s going on - I’d recommend this if your sex drive is low.

What’s your experience, does eating high Zinc foods help with your vitality and sex drive?